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Every Chicken For Herself

I raise chickens.  I keep about 30 laying hens year-round for the delicious eggs they provide our family.

The other day we had a BIG snowstorm.  The system included a lot of lake effect snow which really added to the snow totals.  There was just enough wind to create nice drifts that went over my boot-tops as I checked on my ladies for the day.

Most of the chickens opted to stay inside the coop during the snowstorm – smart move. However, one brave soul decided that she didn’t want to stay inside and preferred to play in the fluffy, beautiful (blowing and pelting) snow. I was walking back to the house when I spied the rogue bird…completely stuck in a snowdrift.  She was buried up to her neck, calmly waiting for me to rescue her.

“Why yes, Mother, I thought I could wade through the snow and look for seeds and bugs like I normally do! Now please can you help me out of this drift?”

So like any amateur chicken farmer, I picked up the crazy hen, checked her for injury and  finding none, stuck her back into the coop with her friends.  She fluffed out her feathers and prepared to tell the other ladies about her adventure…or so I thought…

About halfway to the house I had a “feeling.” I turned and looked over my shoulder.  The snow was blowing in large flakes out of the East, pelting my face and sticking on my eyelashes.  I spied movement in the snow, and sure enough, the crazy chicken was back at it, wading through the drift.

I love my chickens.  They are funny and spunky and delightful.  But sometimes they are downright nuts.

Girlfriend, it’s every chicken for herself!

And I hustled my chilly bottom back into the house where I belonged.

P.S. – no chickens were harmed in the creation of this blog post.

P.P.S. – seriously, she’s fine, here’s a picture!



3 thoughts on “Every Chicken For Herself

  1. We must have been stuck in the same storm, because we had one earlier this week, too! I did notgive my girls the choice of staying in or our. We live on a hill and wind can get so horrible, I simply refused to open the run ad risk losing them to the storm. You’re definitely braver than I am!

    I’m glad she’s okay, btw. I would have worried if one of my chickens went wandering in a storm that bad!


    1. Thanks for liking my post! It was quite a storm! We have an automatic door on our coop (I’ll have to post about it someday – it’s pretty slick) so the ladies get to choose if they want to go out or not. I was surprised to see her out because they usually stick together, and typically don’t go out on rainy or snowy days. I did go back to check on her later that day, and she was already back in the coop, so no worries! 🙂

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      1. Ahhh. I don’t have automatic doors. I have to go down to barn and let them out myself and lock up myself. But I don’t mind because I love spending time with them.


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