Orange Smoothie Recipe

Back when I lived in the city, the mall was 5 minutes from my house. I have to admit I loved living close to the mall, and one could frequently find me there. Now that I live in the country, however, same said mall is a half hour away and my trips there are infrequent at best.

I don’t really miss the mall. Really, I don’t! However, I do miss those orange smoothies. You know the ones. They would blend together a mystery concoction of concentrate orange juice, a powdery substance and some ice.  It was orangey-deliciousness in a cup.

There are some days that I really have a hankering (do people still use that word?) for that orange smoothie.  And until recently, my efforts to recreate it were sub-par at best.  I tried many recipes that were supposed to be the “real deal” but I couldn’t recreate the same taste and texture of those mall smoothies. And I tried lots of things: milk (gross!), more ice/less ice, juice vs. oranges, you get the picture. The hardest thing to recreate was the frothy, almost chalky texture of the smoothie.

The mystery ingredient needed to recreate this, of course, is egg powder.

Egg powder. I’m sorry.  I keep chickens, and I love eggs. But the thought of actually procuring egg powder and putting it in my smoothie makes me a little nauseous.

So what to do?  I found a substitute for the egg powder that does a fantastic job of recreating the same taste and texture of the mall smoothie. Protein powder! The one I use is plant based and is made for use in smoothies.

So check out my recipe, and see if you think this smoothie is just as good as the original!


First we start with fresh oranges. I like to use whole fruit in my smoothies whenever possible.


Remove the outer layer of orange peel with a knife.


It will look something like this when done. No need to remove the pith, it’s good for you!

Add your oranges, along with the following ingredients to your blender. I use a Vitamix.

One teaspoon vanilla.






One to two tablespoons agave sweetener.  I prefer to use agave in my smoothies because it gives the sweetness of sugar but is lower on the glycemic index.  You can certainly use sugar instead, and the amount would be 1 1/2 tablespoons.DSC_0287








Next I put in 2 tablespoons protein powder.  I use a plant based protein powder that is designed for smoothies. I am not here to do a product endorsement, and think just about any vegan or plant based protein powder would work.  Avoid any powders with added flavors because it will throw off the flavor of your smoothie.DSC_0286








Then add one cup water, and two cups ice.  I rarely measure my ice and use my (*clean*) hands to grab two large handfuls and pop it in.








Then blend it up!  My Vitamix has a wonderful smoothie setting that I use.  However, if you have a regular blender, blend on the highest speed for about 45 seconds, or until all the ice has been pulverized and incorporated.

DSC_0292Your final product will look something like this!  Notice the foaming on the top…that is the protein powder working its magic to give you that “mall worthy” consistency!

Note: I like to use less sugar in my smoothies, so what I have shown above is to my family’s personal preference.  It will not be as sweet as what is served in the mall.  If you want to make it sweeter, simply add sugar or substitute orange juice for the water. Cheers!

Here is the whole recipe:

Orange Smoothie (like that one at the mall!)

2 medium oranges, outer peel removed

1 tsp vanilla

1 – 2 tbs agave syrup or sugar

2 tbs plant based protein powder

1 cup water

2 cups ice

All all ingredients to blender.  Blend on high speed for 45 seconds or until all ice is pulverized and incorporated.

Let me know how this turns out! I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

See ya!



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