A Talker

I have a child that likes to talk non-stop. This is a fairly unusual experience for me. Growing up, none of my family members talked continuously. My other children do not talk all the time. And it seems like none of my friends children or family members children talk (constantly) like she does.

She talks when nobody is listening. She talks in church. She talks over top of her sisters. And if there ever is a moment of silence, she sings (loudly) to fill the void.

A lot of what she says is rapid-fire, and topics change frequently.  So sometimes (ok, a lot) she will be firing off question after question, and I will completely lose track of what I was doing, what we were talking about and sometimes even my name and what year it is.


When I picked her up from preschool this morning, this is what she said in the first 30 seconds.

MAMA! (This is her standard greeting.)

WHERE WERE YOU!? (Even though I was just 1 minute late.)

I say goodbye to the teacher (who very enthusiastically tells me goodbye…hmmm). And immediately the questions start.

Mama, can we play outside? (Not right now, we have to go home.)

Mama, can we go out to eat? (No.) Why not? (Because I have food at home.)

How about we just pick up something and take it home? (Buckle your seat belt, please.)

Mama, can I play outside at home? (Is your seat belt buckled?)


Mama, I think I have to “frow up”. (Notice how I am not phased by this pronouncement. Oooookay. Honey, how about you take a few deep breaths and relax on the ride home?)

Literally, 25 seconds goes by.  I have only just made it out of the school parking lot and am at the first stop light.

Mama, I feel sweaty!

And so it begins again.

Are any of your kids talkers? Does it ever subside into, say, only 100 words a minute from 10,000?

Numb minds want to know!!

Love ya,


P.S. – She just asked me what day it was, can she go to a friend’s house, and where does her friend live? Help? She’s singing now, so you have a moment to formulate your reply.

P.P.S. – I love the little turkey!


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