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Newfangled Seedling Watering System

Boy, have I got something to show you!

I have been using a newfangled watering system for my seedlings, and I’m sure you’ll find the technology as amazing as I do.



Ain’t she a beauty?!

Now let’s see it in action!


SHA-ZAM! Perfect placement of water every time!

And, the best part is that this watering system CAN BE YOURS by following these simple steps:

  1. Drink a bottle of wine (or other beverage of choice that comes in a similar bottle). Hello? Awesome!
  2. Rinse said bottle with water.
  3. Purchase a bottle pourer. They look like this: dsc_0330.jpg
  4. Fill bottle with water.
  5. Place bottle pourer on top of bottle.

It’s so easy a monkey’s uncle could do it! My uncle could do it! Your uncle could do it!

Wait. Why are we talking about uncles?

Anyways, bottom line is that for a very small investment (or digging through someone’s recycling bin) you can water your seedlings like a pro!

Now go get watering!

Love ya,



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