Welcome to Chickens and Coffee!

My name is Danielle and I am a wife, mother of four girls, an amateur chicken farmer, aspiring chef and (somewhere in between novice and expert) gardener.  Oh, and I love coffee!

Except I don’t actually own a coffee maker.

However, I loooooove Starbucks.  But I thought calling my blog Chickens and Starbucks might violate some sort of branding rights.  So chickens and coffee it is.

I used to work for a big company.  After 10 years in corporate America I gave it all up, had 4 kids, moved to the country and got chickens; although not necessarily in that order.

But I can’t give up the coffee.  And not coffee that I make (which is terrible, explaining why I don’t own a coffee maker) but coffee that someone makes for me.

You can put a girl in the country, but you can’t take away her coffee.